About Certified Computer Vision Master’s Program

Are you interested in deep learning and computer vision but just can’t figure out where to begin?

We have designed this certified program for Computer Vision enthusiasts like you who are looking for a place to start. Computer Vision is currently among the hottest fields in the industry. The demand for computer vision experts is outstripping the supply! So you’ve picked the perfect time to get into this field. This comprehensive program powers you to become a computer vision expert. The beauty of this program is that it assumes no prior knowledge of concepts. We start from the ground up by learning the basics of Python, statistics, core machine learning algorithms & fundamentals of Deep Learning.

Once your base is rock solid, jump over to the Computer Vision using Deep Learning course. It is designed to give you a taste of how the underlying techniques work in current State-of-the-Art Computer Vision systems, and walks you through remarkable Computer Vision applications in a hands-on manner so that you can create such solutions on your own.

  • Object detection
  • Face detection
  • Image Classification
  • Image Segmentation
  • Image generation, and many others!

You can then combine your technical knowledge with the learning from the Ace Data Science Interviews course to land your dream job in data science & computer vision! The program consists of five comprehensive and rich courses curated exclusively by Analytics Vidhya.


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Highlights of Computer Vision Master’s Program

  • 4+ Courses

    The program will start from Python, Machine learning algorithms and go all the way up to learning cutting-edge computer vision and deep learning frameworks

  • 12+ Real World Projects

    Projects to prepare you for the fast moving industry and give you an edge over others to solve latest computer vision problems.

  • Remarkable Computer Vision Applications

    Walk through remarkable Computer Vision applications in a hands-on manner and create such solutions on your own

Tools Covered in Certified Computer Vision Master’s Program

  • Python
  • Pandas
  • NumPy
  • Keras
  • Pytorch
  • scikit
  • regex

Key Takeaways

Even if you are a beginner and are not comfortable with programming or data science concepts, we will take baby steps to walk you through from the basics to the advanced concepts. More specifically we will follow these sequential steps -

  • Understand the basics of Python programming

  • How to use Python for Data Science

  • Learn core Machine Learning concepts required for Deep Learning

  • Key topics of Deep Learning such as Neural Networks, Forward and Backward Propogation

  • TensorFlow vs. PyTorch vs. Keras

  • Basics of Deep Learning

  • Implementing DL models in Keras and PyTorch

  • Learn how to solve Computer Vision problems using Deep Learning, including image classification, image generation and image segmentation

  • Work on various real-life projects

  • Build your deep learning portfolio for your dream industry role

Real Life Projects Included in This Program

NYC Taxi Trip Duration Prediction
Customer Churn Prediction
Sales Prediction for large Super Markets
Predict survivors from Titanic
Loan Eligibility Prediction (In-class)
Classify Emergency Vehicles from Non-Emergency Vehicles (In-class)
Building an Auto-Tagging System (In-class)
Web Traffic Forecasting (In-Class)
Emergency vs Non Emergency Vehicle Sound Classification (In-class)
Blood Cell Detection
Image Segmentation
Face Detection
Pose Detection


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  • Faizan  Shaikh

    Faizan Shaikh

    Faizan is working as a data scientist at Analytics Vidhya. Being a Deep Learning enthusiast, he aims to utilize his skills to push the boundaries of AI research. Faizan is an avid blogger on Analytics Vidhya, and has contributed to many articles to explain complex concepts of Deep Learning in a simple manner. He will be your instructor for the course.
  • Pulkit Sharma

    Pulkit Sharma

    Pulkit is a Data Scientist at Analytics Vidhya. His research area lies in the field of Computer Vision and Deep Learning. He has been working on various projects related to images and videos for the past few years. He is comfortable with Python, Keras, PyTorch and has done multiple projects using these frameworks and tools. Some of his key projects include Crowd Counting, Estimating the Screen Time in videos, Object Detection, and Image Segmentation. He is one of the primary content curators for Analytics Vidhya’s courses, such as the Computer Vision using Deep Learning and Applied Machine Learning. He is also an avid blogger and has written multiple detailed and in-depth guides on various computer vision topics and applications, ranging from Image Classification to Object Detection and Image Segmentation.
  • Aishwarya Singh

    Aishwarya Singh

    Aishwarya is currently working as a Data Scientist at Analytics Vidhya. She is one of the primary content curators and an instructor for Analytics Vidhya’s most popular course – Applied Machine Learning. She is also an avid reader and blogger who loves exploring the endless world of data science and artificial intelligence. She has written over 70 articles in recent years on various machine learning and deep learning topics and applications.

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