About the course- Tableau Visual Best Practices: Go from Good to GREAT! course

Tableau is one of the best and most effective data visualization tools in the industry. The aim of this course is to enable you to take your data visualization skills in Tableau from good to GREAT.

This Tableau focused course has been designed for all data science professionals, including data analysts, data scientists and all others who are passionate about data visualization. By the end of this awesome data visualization based course, you will love creating dashboards in Tableau that are not only visually appealing but also user friendly and well-received by your audience.

Key Takeaways from Tableau Visual Best Practices: Go from Good to GREAT! Course

  • Understand the importance of effective data visualization
  • Learn the various nuances of Tableau and data visualization, including:
    • Advantages of using Tableau
    • Different data visualization chart types
    • Choosing the right chart in Tableau
    • Using color(s) effectively in Tableau
    • Reducing clutter in your Tableau dashboard
  • Improve visualizations and Tableau dashboards to be in line with best practices
  • Learn key Tableau formatting tips that will help take your dashboards from good to GREAT

Pre-requisites of Tableau Visual Best Practices: Go from Good to GREAT! Course

  • Basic knowledge of how Tableau Desktop / Tableau Public works is helpful but not required.
  • Short introductory video on how to get started with Tableau will be provided

Course curriculum- Tableau Visual Best Practices: Go from Good to GREAT!

  • 1
    Course Handouts
    • Course Handouts
  • 2
    Lecture 1
    • Introduction
  • 3
    Lecture 2
    • Importance of Effective Data Visualization
    • Excercise: Effective Data Visualization
  • 4
    Lecture 3
    • Advantages of using Tableau
    • Excercise: Brief Introduction of Tableau
  • 5
    Lecture 4
    • Different types of memory
    • Excercise: Memory & Cognitive Load
  • 6
    Lecture 5
    • Chart type(s)
    • Excercise: Choosing the Right Chart Type
  • 7
    Lecture 6
    • Uses of Color
    • Exercise: Using Color Effectively
  • 8
    Lecture 7
    • Reducing Clutter
    • Exercise: Reducing Clutter
  • 9
    Lecture 8
    • Dashboard size
    • Exercise: Dashboard Creation & Formatting
  • 10
    • Assignment

Data visualization project

There is a data visualization project at the end of the course to help retain knowledge gained
Data visualization project


  • Kate Strachnyi

    Kate Strachnyi

    Kate is passionate about all things data! She has extensive experience with data visualization tools (i.e. Tableau) and is highly proficient with gathering user requirements and developing custom interactive reports and dashboards using multiple data sources. She is also author of Journey to Data Scientist; which is essentially compilation of interviews that Kate herself conducted with over 20 amazing data scientists. — with backgrounds ranging from LinkedIn and Pinterest to Bloomberg and IBM. She is also the creator of Humans of Data Science (HoDS) - a project that works on showing the human side of data science (housed on her Story by Data YouTube channel). Data Visualization Specialist working in the analytics & reporting space. She previously served as an insights strategy manager and research analyst, where she was responsible for enabling the exchange of information in an efficient and timely manner. Prior to working with data, she focused on risk management, governance, and regulatory response solutions for financial services organizations. Received a bachelor of business administration in finance and investments from Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business. Certifications include Project Management Professional (PMP) and Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate.

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