Machine Learning Starter Program

About This Program

With a population of over 7.7 billion, our world generates more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data every day - and to make sense out of this data, there is a massive spike in the number of data scientists that are being hired by companies across all industries.

A data scientist’s job is one of the most sought-after in the 21st century. Companies are increasingly looking for professionals with a variety of skills in Machine Learning. An that's what we are here to give you via our Machine Learning Starter Program.

The Machine Learning Starter Pack is a step-by-step online starter program to learn the basics of Machine Learning, hear from industry experts and data science professionals, and apply your learning in machine learning hackathons!

This is the perfect starting point to ignite your fledgling machine learning career and take a HUGE step towards your dream data scientist role.

Salient Features of Machine Learning Starter Program:

1. Help you understand how this field is transforming and disrupting industries

2. Acquaint you with the core machine learning algorithms

3. Enhance and complement your learning through competition and hackathon exposure

We believe in a holistic learning approach and that's how we've curated the Machine Learning Starter Program.

The program starts with basics of Machine Learning, and helps you gain practical knowledge through industry sessions and community hackathons

No Pre-requisites

Anyone can join!

This program requires no prior knowledge about machine learning or any tool. That’s the beauty of the Machine Learning Starter Program. You bring the enthusiasm and we’ll teach you the rest!

Benefits of Machine Learning Starter Program

What makes this program unique!

  • Kickstarter Program For Beginners

    This program is specially curated to kickstart your career in Machine Learning and gain practical experience.

  • 6 Months Access

    Get instant access to course, expert talks, hackathons, & an exclusive e-book.

  • Hands-on Approach

    This program is curated to help you learn basics of Machine Learning through hands-on learning.


  • Who should take this program?

    This program is meant for people looking to learn Machine Learning. As we said, we assume nothing!

  • Do I need to install any software before the course?

    You will get information about all installations as part of the program.

  • Do I get a machine learning Starter Program certification upon completing the program?

    If you had taken 14 days free access to this program, you are not eligible for the certificate. If you have paid for the program, you will get the the certificate upon completion and participation in hackathons.

  • How long can I access the program?

    You can access this program for 6 months from the date of your enrollment.