A Comprehensive Starter’s Guide to Simplifying Machine Learning

Machine learning is ubiquitous in the industry these days. Organizations around the world are scrambling to integrate machine learning into their functions and new opportunities for aspiring data scientists are growing multifold.

But we have noticed a huge gap between what the industry needs and what’s on offer right now. Quite a large number of people are not clear about what machine learning is.

By the end of this comprehensive Machine Learning Simplified book, you will not only understand what is machine learning but also it’s different types, its ever-growing list of applications, the latest machine learning developments, the top experts in machine learning, among various other things.

This is your one-stop destination for understanding machine learning!

What’s Included in the Machine Learning Simplified Book?

This book covers a broad range of topics in machine learning, including:

  • What is Machine Learning?

  • Applications of Machine Learning

  • How do Machines Learn?

  • Why is machine learning getting so much attention?

  • Steps required to Build a Machine Learning Model

  • How can one build a career in Machine learning?

Who Should Read the Machine Learning Simplified Book?

This book is for anyone who wants to:

  • Get started with Machine Learning

  • Pick up a new skill that's in demand

  • Brush up on their previous machine learning knowledge

  • Master machine learning!

Should you Know Any Machine Learning Before Picking up this Book?

Absolutely not! This book has been written in a way that caters to complete beginners, regardless of your background. We use real-world analogies and examples to help you understand the power of machine learning, the different aspects of this field and how it works. Prepare to be amazed!

Author of the Book

  • Kunal Jain

    Founder & CEO

    Kunal Jain

    Kunal is the Founder of Analytics Vidhya. Analytics Vidhya is one of largest Data Science community across the globe. Kunal is a data science evangelist and has a passion for teaching practical machine learning and data science. Before starting Analytics Vidhya, Kunal had worked in Analytics and Data Science for more than 12 years across various geographies and companies like Capital One and Aviva Life Insurance. He has worked with several clients and helped them build their data science capabilities from scratch.

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