The course will start on 12th December 2019.

About the Course - Mastering Tableau from Scratch: Become a Data Visualization Rockstar

Do you want to become a data visualization and business intelligence (BI) whiz? Perhaps you are unsure which visualization to choose, or how to extract insights from your data. Whatever the reason – this course on Mastering Tableau from Scratch will get you there!

Tableau is the gold standard when it comes to building industry-level dashboards and performing elite-level storyboarding. In fact, Tableau has changed the way industries analyze and present data. No longer do we have to stick to static spreadsheet charts – we can now build interactive and beautiful visualizations and dashboards and share them within your organization in seconds!

Tableau has been recognized as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platforms for 7 straight years. Here’s Gartner’s most recent ranking in 2019:

By the end of this comprehensive Tableau course, you will be able to quickly convert your data into actionable insights, create dashboards to impress your clients, and learn Tableau tips, tricks and best practices in your day-to-day role.

Key Takeaways from the ‘Mastering Tableau from Scratch: Become a Data Visualization' Rockstar Course

  • Understand the importance and impact of creating effective data visualizations
  • Learn how Tableau works from scratch
  • We will cover the various aspects of Tableau:
    • The different fields and parameters in Tableau
    • How to import different kinds of data in Tableau
    • The wide variety of charts in Tableau, including line charts, bubble charts, waterfall charts, geo-location charts, among many others
    • How to choose the right visualization for your data
    • Dual-Axis charts – What are they and why are they so effective?
    • Create Excel-like calculated fields in Tableau
  • Learn how to build high-quality dashboards in Tableau for the industry
  • Master storyboarding in Tableau and create engaging presentations
  • Perform feature engineering in Tableau!
  • Become familiar with data manipulation in Tableau with the JOIN and Blend features
  • Tableau tips, tricks and best practices.


This course requires no prior knowledge about Tableau or any other data visualization tool. You will learn all of this, including how Tableau works, from scratch!

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Introduction to the Course
    • The Power of Data Visualization
    • Why Tableau is a Powerful Tool for Professionals
    • What we will cover in this course
    • Instructor Introduction
  • 2
    Understanding the Length and Breadth of Tableau
    • The Tableau Range of Tools
    • Installing Tableau Desktop
    • Navigating Tableau
    • Connecting Tableau to Different Data Sources
  • 3
    Getting Started with Tableau
    • Understanding the Problem Statement
    • Load the Dataset in Tableau
    • Create a Simple Bar Chart
    • Labels and Formatting
    • Playing Around with Colors
  • 4
    Calculated Fields
    • What are Calculated Fields?
    • Feature Engineering in Tableau!
  • 5
    Different Chart Types in Tableau
    • Understanding the Different Chart Types in Tableau
    • Line Charts for Time Series Data
    • Generating Map Visualizations
    • Dual Axis Charts
    • Histograms, Scatter Plots, Pie Charts, Bubble Charts
  • 6
    Joining and Blending
    • Understanding what LEFT, RIGHT, INNER and OUTER Join is.
    • Joining Data with Duplicate Values
    • What is Blending? How is it Different from Joins?
    • Blending Data in Tableau
    • Create Calculated Fields in a Blend
  • 7
    • What are dashboards?
    • Understanding the Problem Statement
    • Create a Compelling Dashboard for Stakeholders
  • 8
    • The Importance of Storytelling
    • Storytelling v Dashboarding
    • Build a Storyboard in Tableau
  • 9
    • End-to-End Project to Create a Rockstar Dashboard in Tableau


  • Pranav Dar

    Pranav Dar

    Pranav is a data scientist and Senior Editor for Analytics Vidhya. He has experience in data visualization and data science. Pranav has previously worked for a number of years in the learning and development field for a globally-known MNC. He brings a wealth of instructor experience to this course as he has taken multiple trainings on data science, statistics and presentation skills over the years. He is passionate about writing and has penned over 200 articles on data science for Analytics Vidhya.


  • Who should take the Mastering Tableau from Scratch: Become a Data Visualization Rockstar’ course?

    This course is meant for people looking to learn Tableau and how to make or improve their data visualizations. We will start from scratch so nothing is assumed in this course.

  • Do I need to install any Tableau software before starting the course?

    If you have Tableau Desktop install, then you’re good to go. You can download a 14-day trial version as well to see how it works. Otherwise, the Tableau Public application (which is free) is good enough to learn what we will cover here. Don’t worry, we will cover all of this in the course.

  • Do I need to take modules in a specific order?

    We would recommend taking the course in the order in which it has been designed to gain the maximum knowledge from it.

  • How long can I access the Mastering Tableau from Scratch: Become a Data Visualization Rockstar course?

    You will be able to access the course material for six months since the start of the course.

  • What is the refund policy?

    The fee for the Mastering Tableau from Scratch: Become a Data Visualization Rockstar course is non-refundable.