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About Natural Language Processing (NLP) using Python Course

Why pursue Natural Language Processing (NLP)?

  • More than 80% of the data in this world is unstructured in nature, which includes text. You need text mining and Natural Language processing  (NLP) to make sense out of this data.

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) helps you extract insights from emails of customers, their tweets, text messages.

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) can power many applications, such as language translation, question answering systems, chatbots and document summarizers.

What would you learn in Natural Language Processing (NLP) with Python course?

  • Reading and working with text data using Python
  • Learn to use Regular Expressions to extract patterns from text
  • Text pre-processing using the NLTK and spaCy libraries
    • Parts of Speech Tagging (POS Tagging)
    • Named Entity Recognition (NER)
  • Text Normalization
    • Stemming
    • Lemmatization
  • Topic Modeling - Interpreting patterns from text
    • Latent Dirichlet Algorithm (LDA)
    • Latent Semantic Analysis (LSA)
  • Feature Engineering for text
    • Bag-of-words and TF-IDF
    • Singular Value Decomposition (SVD)
    • Word Embeddings (Word2vec and GloVe)
  • How to identify topics in text - Topic Modeling
  • Text classification
  • Deep learning for NLP
  • 4 real-life NLP projects:
    • Categorization of sports articles
    • Social media information extraction
    • SMS spam classification
    • Hate speech classification

Possible Career prospects after doing Natural Language Processing Course:

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer

  • Data Scientist

  • Chatbot Engineer

Pre-requisites for Natural Language Processing (NLP) using Python Course:

  • This course requires you to know Machine Learning

  • Familiarity with Python would be an advantage (It is taught in the course as well!)

  • No requirement of past experience on NLP

Highlights of Natural Language Processing (NLP) using Python

  • 4 Real Life Projects

  • Live Q & A Session

    Every Thursday 9 pm to 10 pm (IST)

Natural Language Processing (NLP) Using Python Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Module 1 : Introduction to Natural Language Processing
    • Getting Started
    • Welcome to the Course
    • About the Course FREE PREVIEW
    • Introduction to Natural Language Processing
    • Exercise : Introduction to Natural Language Processing
    • Podcast with NLP Researcher Sebastian Ruder
  • 2
    Module 2 : A Refresher to Python
    • Installation steps for Linux
    • Installation steps for Mac
    • Installation steps for Windows
    • Packages Installation
    • Introduction to Python
    • Variables and Operators
    • Exercise : Variables and Operators
    • Python Lists
    • Exercise : Python Lists
    • Dictionaries
    • Exercise : Dictionaries
    • Conditional Statements
    • Exercise : Conditional Statements
    • Loops
    • Exercise : Loops
    • Functions
    • Python Functions Practice