Master Microsoft Excel - Still the Most Popular Tool for Analytics!

If you want to work with numbers, there is no better tool to start with than Microsoft Excel - which is still the most popular tool around. Organizations worldwide still rely heavily on the Swiss Army Knife nature of Excel and the various options it offers for analytics, business intelligence, and even data science.

MS Excel is an excellent tool to use for data analysis. And Excel transcends roles and industry functions as well. You’ll find people at all levels in organizations pouring over Excel spreadsheets, from data analysts and business analysts to C-suite executives.

Learning and mastering Excel is a skill you’ll need to master to make a career in the field of data, from business analytics to data science. Excel features like pivot tables, quick charts, VLookUP, HLookUP, IFELSE, find and search, concatenate, SUM, AVG - you’ll need to have these handy when you’re working on real-world analytics projects.


In this course, we will take you through the basic Excel operations, leading up to the advanced features, such as pivot tables, conditional formatting, etc. By the end of the course, you will have mastered Excel and will be ready to crunch numbers and wrangle with data!

Course curriculum

Microsoft Excel

  • 2
    Excel Interface
    • Excel Interface
    • Keyboard shortcuts
    • Setting Printing Area
    • Excel Basics Exercise
    • Excel Bonus
  • 3
    Excel Operations and Formatting
    • Excel Basic Formatting
    • Basic Formating Exercise
    • Select, Cut, Copy, Paste
    • Autofill, Find and Search
    • Insert & Delete
    • Hide & Unhide
    • Auto Fill Exercise
    • Sheet Operations
    • Sheet Operations Exercise
  • 4
    Excel Formula and Referencing
    • Getting Started with Excel Formulas
    • Referencing
    • Referencing Exercise
    • Paste Special & Format Painter
    • Copy Paste function Exercise
  • 5
    DateTime and Text Functions
    • DateTime Function
    • Date Time Exercise
    • Left,Right,Mid,Len,Concatenate
    • Find & Search
    • Find & Search Exercise
    • Replace & Substitute
    • Text and Value
  • 6
    Mathematical Functions
    • Sum, Product, Mod, Sqrt, Fact
    • Round, RoundUp, Rounddown, SumIFS
    • MAXIFS
    • MINIFS
    • Mathematical Function Exercise
  • 7
    Financial Function
    • Present Value and Future Value
    • NPV and IRR
    • Financial Functions in Excel
    • Financial Function Exercise
  • 8
    LookUp Function
    • Vlookup and Hlookup
    • Match
    • Index
    • Lookup Funciton Exercise
  • 9
    Logical and Error Function
    • IFS
    • Logical Function Exercise
  • 10
    Statistical Function
    • Count, Counta, Countblank, Countifs
    • Mean, Median, Mode, Std, Rank, Quartiles, Corr
    • Statistical Function Exercise
  • 11
    Sorting and Filtering
    • Sort
    • Filter
    • Sort Fillter Exercise
    • Advanced Filter
    • Filter With One Condition
    • Filter with AND and OR operators
    • Advance Filter Exercise
  • 12
    Pivot Table
    • Pivot Table I
    • Pivot Table II
    • Hide and Show Grand Totals
    • Sorting Rows and Columns
    • Calculated Fields
    • Auto Width Disable
    • Difference From Previous Value
    • Make Pivot Tables Dynamic
    • Slicers
    • Timeline Slicer
    • Pivot Table Exercise
  • 13
    Data Visualization
    • Getting Started with Excel Charts
    • Components of Charts
    • How to Create a Chart
    • Column Chart in Excel
    • Bar Chart in Excel
    • Line Chart in Excel
    • Area Chart in Excel
    • Pie Chart in Excel
    • Scatter Chart in Excel
    • Data Visualisation Exercise
    • Bubble Chart in Excel
    • Dual Axis Chart in Excel
    • How to Choose Charts
    • Sparklines in Excel
    • Waterfall Chart in Excel
    • Advance Charts Exercise
  • 14
    Conditional Formatting
    • Highlight Cells Rules
    • Top-Bottom Rules, Multiple Cells And Heatmaps
    • Duplicate and Unique Values
    • Unique Function
    • Unique with Filter
    • Case Sensitivity of Unique Function
    • Unique With All Parameters
    • What Is Spill
  • 15
    What-if Analysis Tools
    • Goal-Seek and Solver
    • Scenario Manager
    • Data Tables
    • What IF Exercise
  • 16
    Data Validation and Security
    • Data Validation
    • Data Validation Exercise
    • Protecting Cell, Sheet, Workbook
    • Data Validation II Exercise
  • 17
    • Hyperlink
    • Hyperlink Exercise
    • Text to Column
    • Excel vs. Google Sheets
  • 18
    • Understanding the Problem Statement
    • Simulation Sample Sheet
    • A Look at the Data
    • Formulating the Framework - Business Understanding
    • Breaking Down the Framework
    • Yearly Business Prediction
    • Prerequisite for the Next Lesson
    • Month-Wise Business Forecast
    • Adding Flexibility to our Simulation
    • Performing Simulation in Excel!
    • Project

Why you should take the course Microsoft Excel: From Beginner to Advanced Course

  • Easy to understand content: All the material in this course was created by Analytics Vidhya instructors who bring in immense experience of data science and analytics with them
  • Industry collaboration: The entire course has been vetted by industry experts. This ensures relevance in industry and enables you with the content which matters the most
  • Real life problems: All the projects in the course are based on real life problems. No academic datasets are being used to ensure that you are ready for real life problems

Project:Excel Simulation

AssureNext is a radical insurance company that sits at the intersection of technology and human interaction. AssureNext has brought some radical changes in the way they distribute Insurance. They have created a new channel called "Robossurance", where they are installing smart machines in various locations. These machines study the consumers in these locations and suggest the best Insurance plans for these customers. You'll be creating an industry-ready Excel simulation to forecast the business for the company and the different aspects required.
Project:Excel Simulation

Who is the Microsoft Excel: From Beginner to Advanced Course for?

This course is an ideal course for people looking to learn about the basics as well as the advanced techniques of Microsoft Excel.

What do you need to get started with the Microsoft Excel: From Beginner to Advanced course?

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A working laptop/desktop with 4 GB RAM
  • A working Internet connection
  • Microsoft Excel installed on your machine

That’s it! You’re all set to learn Microsoft Excel!

Certificate of Completion

Upon successful completion of the course, you will be provided a block chain enabled certificate by Analytics Vidhya with lifetime validity.
Certificate of Completion


  • Kunal Jain

    Founder & CEO

    Kunal Jain

    Kunal is the Founder of Analytics Vidhya. Analytics Vidhya is one of largest Data Science community across the globe. Kunal is a data science evangelist and has a passion for teaching practical machine learning and data science. Before starting Analytics Vidhya, Kunal had worked in Analytics and Data Science for more than 12 years across various geographies and companies like Capital One and Aviva Life Insurance. He has worked with several clients and helped them build their data science capabilities from scratch.
  • Sunil Ray

    Chief Content Officer

    Sunil Ray

    Sunil Ray is Chief Content Officer of Analytics Vidhya. He brings years of experience of using data to solve business problems for several Insurance companies. Sunil has a knack of taking complex topics and then breaking them into easy and simple to understand concepts - a unique skill which comes in handy in his role at Analytics Vidhya. Sunil also follows latest developments in AI & ML closely and is always up for having a discussion on impact of technology on years to come.
  • Pranav  Dar

    Senior Content Strategist and BA Program Lead, Analytics Vidhya

    Pranav Dar

    Pranav is the Senior Content Strategist and BA Program Lead at Analytics Vidhya. He has written over 300 articles for AV in the last 3 years and brings a wealth of experience and writing know-how to this course. He has a decade of experience in designing courses, creating content and writing articles that people love to read. Pranav is also an instructor on 14+ courses on Analytics Vidhya and is a passionate sports analytics blogger as well.


Common questions related to the Microsoft Excel: From Beginner to Advanced course

  • Who should take the Microsoft Excel: From Beginner to Advanced course?

    This course is meant for people looking to learn Microsoft Excel. We will start out from the basics of Excel and make our way to the advanced features.

  • Do I need to install any software before starting the course?

    You will need to have Microsoft Excel installed in your machine.

  • Do I need to take the modules in any specific order?

    We would highly recommend taking the course in the order in which it has been designed to gain the maximum knowledge from it.

  • What is the fee for the course?

    The fee for this course is Rs. 2,500/-.

  • Do I get a certificate upon completion of the course?

    Yes! You will be given a certificate upon satisfactory completion of the course.

  • What is the refund policy?

    The fee for the course is non-refundable.

  • How long would I have access to the “Microsoft Excel: From Beginner to Advanced” course?

    Once you register, you will have 6 months to complete the course. If you visit the course 6 months after your initial registration, you will need to enroll in the course again. Your past progress will be lost.

  • How much effort do I need to put in for this course?

    We recommend spending 3-4 hours per week on the “Microsoft Excel: From Beginner to Advanced” course. Additionally, you should take up datasets and continue practicing your learning on them. This will help you build your knowledge in a practical manner and ensure you don’t lose touch with what you’ve learned.

  • Can I download the videos in this course?

    We regularly update the “Microsoft Excel: From Beginner to Advanced” course and hence do not allow videos to be downloaded. You can visit the free course anytime to refer to these videos.

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