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About the course

Data Science is the hottest field in the industry and Data Scientists are one of the most demanded professionals by companies. This course is the first step to prepare you as a future data scientist. With this course, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive Introduction to Data Science. 

Learn basics of Python, Statistics and finally get introduced to various Modelling techniques. By the end of the course, you will have a deep understanding of Data Science and will be able to build an end-to-end predictive model.

Why take this course?

Easy to understand content
The biggest challenge beginners face is that most of the courses explain data science as a difficult mathematical subject. Not us! We simplify the subject with easy to understand videos and help you build intuition on data science concepts.

Experienced Instructors
All the material in this course was created by Analytics Vidhya instructors who bring in immense experience of data science with them. Combined among us, we have more than a decade of teaching experience.

Industry collaboration
Entire course has been vetted by industry experts. This ensures relevance in industry and enabling you with the content which matters the most

Real life problems
All projects in the course are based on real life problems. No academic datasets are bring used to ensure that you are ready for real life problems.


This course requires  no past knowledge about Data Science or any tool. 


  • Videos 6 Hours

  • 4 Real Life Projects

  • Live Q & A Session

    Every Thursday 9 pm to 10:30 pm IST(Starts 31st Jan)

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Introduction to Data Science
  • 2
    Basic Python for Data Science
    • Brief Introduction to Python
    • Introduction to Python test
    • Installing Python
    • Theory of Operators
    • Exercise
    • Understanding Operators in Python
    • Operators test
    • Understanding variables and data types
    • Variables test
    • Variables and Data Types in Python
    • Exercise
    • Understanding Conditional Statements
    • Exercise
    • Implementing Conditional Statements in Python
    • Conditional Statements test
    • Understanding Looping Constructs FREE PREVIEW
    • Exercise
    • Implementing Looping Constructs in Python
    • Looping Constructs test
    • Understanding Functions
    • Exercise
    • Implementing Functions in Python
    • Functions test
    • A brief introduction to data structure
    • Data Structure test
    • Understanding the concept of Lists
    • Understanding the concept of Lists-Reference
    • Lists test
    • Implementing Lists in Python
    • Exercise
    • Understanding the concept of Dictionaries
    • Exercise
    • Implementing Dictionaries in Python