About the course

Are you looking to learn Python to enable your data science career? You have come to just the right place!

Python has rapidly become the go-to language in the data science space and is among the first things recruiters search for in a data scientist's skillset. It consistently ranks top in global data science surveys and its widespread popularity will only keep on increasing in the coming years.The top data science companies in the world are leveraging Python for their everyday projects:

Python has been an important part of Google since the beginning,and remains so as the system grows and evolves.Today dozens of Google engineers use Python,and we are looking for more people with skills in this language. - Peter Norvig, Director of Research at Google Inc.

So are you ready to power up your career and learn the best data science language? Enroll NOW!

This is the first module of the more comprehensive Introduction to Data Science course where you will learn about the different aspects of data science, including statistics, probability, and the basics of machine learning.

Why take this course?

How often do you come across free structured Python courses taught by experts? Here's your golden chance to grab a front seat and learn.


This course requires no prior knowledge of Python or Data Science.

Course Highlights

  • Python concepts

    Start your data science journey with basics of Python. Learn various libraries like numpy, pandas, matplotlib and regular expression to work with strings.

  • Video Based Hands-on Tutorials

    The concepts in the course have been taught using the videos. Learn to solve problems in Python using Jupyter Notebook.

  • Projects Based Learning

    Work on multiple exercises during the entire course and at end of the course, apply your learnings in a capstone project and evaluate your skill level.

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Overview of the Course
    • Overview of the Course
  • 2
    Introduction to Python
    • A brief introduction to Python
    • Introduction to Python Test
    • Installing Python
  • 3
    Understanding Operators
    • Theory of Operators
    • Exercise
    • Understanding Operators in Python
    • Operators Test
  • 4
    Variables and Data Types
    • Understanding variables and data types
    • Variable Test
    • Variables and Data Types in Python
    • Exercise
  • 5
    Conditional Statements
    • Understanding Conditional Statements
    • Exercise
    • Implementing Conditional Statements in Python
    • Conditional Statements test
  • 6
    Looping Constructs
    • Understanding Looping Constructs
    • Exercise
    • Implementing Looping Constructs in Python
    • Looping Constructs test
  • 7
    • Understanding Functions
    • Exercise
    • Implementing Functions in Python
    • Functions test
  • 8
    Data Structure
    • A brief introduction to data structure
    • Data Structure test
  • 9
    • Understanding the concept of Lists
    • Lists test
    • Implementing Lists in Python
    • Exercise
  • 10
    • Understanding the concept of Dictionaries
    • Exercise
    • Implementing Dictionaries in Python
    • Dictionaries test
  • 11