Your Journey to get acquainted to Microsoft Azure Starts Here

As we know, analyzing data is the need of the hour which businesses are looking for. Through data, companies can have a complete understanding about their customers, hence can focus on products and services as per their requirements. For this, companies require a lot of storage space where they can store their data and later on process it as per their requirements. There are many Cloud based services available offered by big companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Alibaba and many more. Microsoft Azure is one of the most commonly and widely used Cloud services.

If you are a small or mid level organization then it will be really difficult for you to keep it secure from various malware and virus attacks too. As your data is vulnerable to hacking attacks and manipulation. So, most importantly, you have to ensure the safety of your data. So in that case, a safe and secure cloud computing service can be a best fit for your organization. 

Not only Azure provides you with storage and processing. It also provides you with the world class security infrastructure without you even worrying about  all kinds of attacks. 

This course will primarily focus on Microsoft Azure. You will learn about following :

  • Cloud Computing

  • Compute Options

  • Networking Options

  • Security Options

  • Storage Options

  • Azure Databases

  • Serverless Computing

The world is changing rapidly. This changing environment is creating demands of Azure professionals. Don’t lose the opportunity to be a part of this revolution. Here are a few Professional IT groups that are continuously enjoying the benefits and perks of moving into the Azure domain.

  • Developers and Architects

  • BI /ETL/DW Professionals

  • Senior IT Professionals

  • Testing Professionals

  • Mainframe Professionals

  • Freshers

  • Big Data Enthusiasts

  • Software Architects, Engineers, and Developers

  • Data Scientists and Analytics Professionals


  • Good to have knowledge of any programming language like Python, Java, Scala etc.
  • Knowledge of Structured Query Language

What do I need to start the Fundamentals of Azure Course?

  • A working laptop/desktop

  • A working Internet connection

Course curriculum

  • 1
    Introduction to the Course
    • Prerequistes
    • Course Handouts
    • Introduction to the Course
  • 2
    Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
    • Introduction To Cloud Computing
    • Cloud Deployment Models
    • Service Models
    • Quiz : Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
  • 3
    Introduction to Microsoft Azure
    • Introduction To Microsoft Azure
    • Learning Path
    • Regions _ Availability Zones
    • Quiz : Introduction to Microsoft Azure
    • Creating an Account in Azure
  • 4
    Azure Compute Options
    • Module Overview
    • What Is Virtual Machine
    • Security Services In Azure Part 1
    • Vm Pricing Options
    • Virtual Machine Options
    • Availability Sets Vs Availability Zones
    • Demo 1 Launching Virtual Machine-1
    • Demo 2 Running Virtual Machine-1
    • Demo 3 Deleting Virtual Machine-1
    • Quiz : Azure Compute Options
  • 5
    Azure Networking Options
    • Module Overview
    • Basic Concepts Of Networking Part 1
    • Basic Concepts Of Networking Part 2
    • Virtual Networks _ Communications
    • Creating Virtual Networks
    • Vpn Gateways
    • Site-To-Site Vpn
    • Point-To-Site Vpn V2-1
    • Express Route
    • Vnet Peering
    • Quiz : Azure Networking Options
  • 6
    Azure Security Options
    • Module Overview
    • Shared Responsibility Model-1
    • Security Services In Azure Part 1
    • Security Services In Azure Part 2
    • Azure Active Directory
    • Azure Directory
    • Role Based Access Control
    • Quiz : Azure Security Options
  • 7
    Azure Storage Options
    • Types Of Cloud Storage
    • Types Of Storage Account
    • How To Create A Storage Account
    • Blob Storage
    • Blob Storage Demo
    • Queues
    • Queue Storage Demo
    • Azure Tables
    • Table Storage
    • Azure Managed Disks
    • Quiz : Azure Storage
  • 8
    Azure Databases
    • Module Overview
    • Azure Relational Database Service
    • Azure Cosmosdb
    • Cosmos Db demo
    • Other Storage Solutions
    • Quiz : Azure Databases
  • 9
    Azure Functions
    • Module Overview
    • Introduction To Azure Functions
    • Introduction To Triggers
    • Azure Functions
    • Input Bindings Vs Output Bindings
    • Quiz : Azure Functions
  • 10
    • Module Overview
    • Azure Resource Manager
    • Azure Monitor
    • Quiz : Management
  • 11
    Azure Pricing
    • Module Overview
    • Azure Pricing _ Support
    • Pricing Calculator
    • Total Cost Of Ownership
    • Best Practices On Azure