About the EBook - Statistics 101

Statistics is the backbone of data science and machine learning. It is the study of the 

  • collection
  • analysis
  • interpretation
  • presentation
  • organisation of data

Being in the field of Machine Learning and Data Science, it is paramount for a practitioner to be well versed with various statistical concepts.Any expert in data science would surely recommend learning / upskilling yourself in statistics.

However, if you go out and look for resources on statistics,you will see that a lot of them tend to focus on mathematics.They will focus on derivation of formulas rather than simplifying the concept. We believe statistics can be understood in a very simple and practical manner. That is why we have created this guide.

What you will learn

  • Inferential Statistics

  • Descriptive Statistics

  • Various aspects of Statistics used in the Data Science Industry

What are the Statistics Topics Covered in this Book?

  • Sampling Distribution and Central Limit Theorem

  • Hypothesis Testing

  • Types of Error in Hypothesis Testing

  • T-tests


  • Chi-Square Goodness of Fit

  • Regression

  • Coefficient of Determination (R-Squared)

Who Should Read this Statistics Book?

This book is for anyone who wants to:

  • Learn Inferential Statistics

  • Wants to add a core data science topic to their skillset

  • Wants to carve a career that has a statistical backdrop

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